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You are what you stream.

While I’m writing this blog, Spotify is doing its part by pumping my mood and pushing me to write it. While you might be thinking how come Spotify can help me write a blog? I bet it can help you do anything, literally anything but in the end it depends on your music choice (No Offense).

Music in history:

History – Persion Traditional Music

Music is as ancient as Adam and Eve and it evolved with the time just like humans did. if you check its history Music has always had its part. Kings used to have dedicated Musicians just like they had their Ministers. Last statement should be enough to tell the historical role and impact of music but if you’re still unconvinced here is more. Music has been used to energize armies against their enemies and it always worked and energized people. It might seem funny and impractical but good and energetic music can help you win wars 😁.

Music industry:

Music Providers Spotify, Apple Music, Play Music, Amazon Music
Top Music Providers

You might not be interested in winning wars against other countries but you sure want to win against your bad mood and breakdowns. Music industry is among the richest industries in the world. But why? Because music makes people happy and just to be happy and enjoy the moment people want to spend on concerts, CDs and online music providers. Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music(iTunes), Gaana, Deezer are among top music providers.

The feel:

So we were talking about how music can be your adrenaline in the moments of low energy. While you’re reading this why not play a dance/pop/rock music in your Music Player and then come back to this blog and continue reading.
Did you do that? I’m sure you did. Okay now try to focus on the beat, rhythm and sound of the strings? I hope you felt it. If you didn’t I’m sure you need to try something different?

A Girl Enjoying Music

Find fun music:

Having difficulty finding some fun music, no problem I got you on this one.. If you got Spotify, I got you. Here’s a link to such fun playlist: Best Dance Music 2020. It might help you get going but you can further explore using words like Dance Music, Fun Music, Best of Pop/Rock. Once you’re into it you’ll start discovering such positive and fun music which will totally change your perspective for music and of course your mood as well.

White Noise Music:

While we’re talking about music and mental health, White Noise Music couldn’t be ignored. You might have already heard about White Music but if you didn’t here’s what says:  White noise is a type of noise that is produced by combining sounds of all different frequencies together.
How White Noise helps you: Since it is combination of all different frequencies it blocks out all the sudden frequencies so you can stay focused while studying or doing anything which requires focus which includes, writing, programming, problem solving etc.


I personally believe this blog is very short to define music and how it can impact your overall behavior. But It should be enough to make some good choices while listening to music. Because remember what says and it is more true than “You’re what you eat”.

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