And How You Can Achieve It

Recently I heard the line:

Life can be understood backwards, but can only be moved forwards.

I thought about this for a day and realized something. In order to move forward, one must let go of the past. Some of us have a lot trouble letting go. Of bad times, of good times. Consider the mind a drawer, in order to fit in more clothes, one needs to take out the old ones. That is the only way to enjoy the new ones. Just like that we’ve to get over past to enjoy the present and future.

Sometimes it seems so wrong and hard to let go. You’re thinking I want to stay here forever, at this time and place. Wishing that time not move forwards. But even then it is necessary to move forwards. Simply because life does not stop for anyone. Even the good times. But what left are memories. And so cherishing those memories is important, but living them is not.

Sometimes, trauma has us stuck in the past. With or without you liking it, you can not let go of it. Leading to depression and anxiety. Mental health deteriorates and so does your physical health.

At times like these parents and people surrounding us fail to recognize that something is wrong. They depict it as a mere phase. You feel alone, attacked, disrespected and useless.

So, what should they do?

First – Thing to remember:

Try to force the fact that They are never alone and That they are loved , in their minds.

Second – Steps you should take:

Try sharing to a trustworthy person. Sit down with the parents. Ask to go to a psychologist. Meet up with a close friend. Sharing always lessens the burdens of the heart.

And if you feel like you cant share, write it down. A diary, or in your mobile phone.

Paper and pencil

Third – Steps you should avoid:

Third, Don’t ever share to people who don’t care about you. Try to figure out who your frieds really are and who are just social beings there for the gossip. They will never be considerate that they might hurt you. And consequentially, they do hurt you.

Girl relaxing on a lake

Fourth – Physical health:

Which is last for now is physical exercise. I can not stress enough on how important is daily jog or any kind of workout is. It releases endorphins and makes sure you achieved something that day. Meditate every day, or at least sit down in a peaceful area where there is silence and close your eyes and count all your blessings. It’s so helpful and calming.

Always know that there is so much love in the world. But it starts with you. Love Yourself and then move to others. You are important, you’re worthy, you’re amazing, make this your mantra.


In this life, there will be so many time when we might want to stick around but moving on will be the only best solution out there. Always remember no one deserves your love more than yourself because if you can’t love yourself you can’t love anyone else.

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PSICOPEDAGOGA · May 6, 2020 at 11:42

Genial la publicación. Enhorabuena

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